“Goal Setting”

Goal setting is a program designed to help students attain goal-setting skills, which will contribute to high school success. The objectives will include: 1. Students will understand the process of goalsetting, 2. Students will identify personal and academic goals for the semester and year.

Activities involve: Explaining the process and importance of goal setting, brainstorm ideas of achieving success, Discussing the difference between short, medium and long-term goals.


“Up Next”

Up Next is designed to execute every step in post-secondary transition. From writing a personal statement, completing a college application and enhancing time management skills…Up Next will promote the importance of going to college (post-secondary education) and supply a student with a portfolio to take him/her to the next level.

Activities involve: Resume Writing & Critiquing, College Essay Writing, Time Management, Job Application, Scholarship Research and College Progression Plan


“Dress the Part”

Dress the Part will teach teens how to dress an articulate for a professional interview. This program will also focus on the importance of basic hygiene, appropriate grooming and use of improper language. Additionally, Dress the Part will motivate teens to care better for themselves and prepare them for the professional arena.

Activities involve: The Interview Process, Professional Dressing, Basic Hygiene Routine, (End of Program Mock Interview)*