About BTMF

Bigger Than Me Foundation (BTMF) was officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the Fall of 2011. Founder, CEO and board Chair Jennifer Ollie, began to develop BTMF while working with young adults throughout the Chicagoland area. Originally working with young adults seeking employment and post-secondary education opportunities, Ollie identified her passion of working more intricately with high school students during the transition from adolescent to adulthood.

Bigger Than Me Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Chicago, Illinois purposed to directly assist teens in the successful transition to adulthood. Bigger Than Me Foundation (BTMF) functions as an after school program for high school aged youth who are disproportionately affected by violent crime, incarceration and low graduation rates amongst other problems in the community. BTMF provides youth education courses, one to one mentoring, and motivational speaking to the community at large. Program outcomes for youth participants include development of a post-secondary education action plan, enhanced life skills, improved critical thinking abilities, integrity and commitment to formal education.

The Core Values of Bigger Than Me Foundation are:
• Intentionally create opportunities for teen learners to apply life skills
• Promote positive self-esteem
• Encourage resiliency in the face of adversity
• Personalized post-secondary education transition

Target Audience/Geographic Area
Bigger Than Me Foundation intends to serve high school aged-youth on the South & West Sides of the city of Chicago.